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Our favourite things about Ellerton Hall

With spring in full swing, the flowers have begun to emerge around the grounds and lambing season is underway, we have been reflecting on just some of our favourite things about Ellerton Hall.

The Flower Garden

Nothing beats the garden being full of colour from all the different flowers. With flowers blooming throughout the year, no matter when you come to visit the garden will always look different. Our head gardener is always busy cutting the fresh flowers from the garden to be placed in our vases so that they can be displayed throughout the house for our guests to enjoy.

Our hot tub with the night sky

Ellerton Hall is located in the quiet countryside, meaning that we are well away from strong light sources that can interfere with stargazing.

The private hot tub is located in the most open area of the garden meaning you can enjoy a quiet evening with the bonus of viewing all the stars in the sky.

The local walking routes

Ellerton Hall is located in the heart of Shropshire, providing you access to so many amazing walking routes all within a car ride away. The local walks around Ellerton offer just as breathtaking views. Depending on when you choose to stay at Ellerton Hall you can walk to the fields to spot the lambs or even take up fishing as part of the local outdoor activities we offer.

Our cinema room

Whilst our morning room and drawing room offer the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee and soak up the sun when it comes to the evening our cinema room offers the ultimate wind-down space. With a floor-to-ceiling projector screen, large sofa and mini-bar you can have the complete cinema experience without having to leave the house.

The private chefs

The ideal holiday can be different to everyone, whether it’s going exploring or relaxing and unwinding and cooking is no exception, with our recommended private chefs you can cater to everyone’s needs and host the ultimate celebration or diner.

At Ellerton Hall we always want to make your stay with us as memorable and special as possible, whether it’s a romantic couples getaway or a family long weekend break, we can cater to your specific requests. View our plan your stay page to see just some of the packages and activities available to do during your stay. Alternatively, contact us today!