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Discover the History behind the Ellerton Hall Estate

The present “Ellerton Hall”  was built in 1836 by Robert Masefield on the site of a former timber framed house.  Records show a hall existed in its present location as far back as the 16th century.

Ownership passed on to  Arnold Lawrence  in 1906 and  he  extended the front elevation in 1913.  The Ballroom was believed to have been  added to hold  his daughters 21st birthday celebration.

After WWII,  Lenox John Lawrence  built a new  house on the estate,  and left the hall vacant for 13 years.

A new lease of life was given to the Hall in the late 1960’s when the house was acquired by Tony  Burgess MBE , who began an extensive renovation to the semi derelict building, including the demolition of the two western wings. The Burgess family  moved into the house in 1970 and had 50 happy years in the much-loved home bringing up their family.

The present owners, John Gough and his wife Lucy, purchased the Hall from the Burgess family in 2020, following the sad passing of Tony.

John’s family has been linked with Ellerton Hall all his life.  His grandfather George Dodd, moved from Bedfordshire in the 1930s and took on the tenancy at Ellerton Grange, one of the  five farms on the estate.  The Lawrence family were the landlords at the time.   In the 60’s George and his sons Frank and Peter were able to purchase the freehold of the Grange when the estate was  split up and sold.

This  recent purchase of Ellerton Hall  has  reunited The Hall and Ellerton Grange under the same ownership.  Ellerton Hall is now centre of a 460-acre estate concentrating on food production, property rentals and countryside stewardship.

The Gough family are excited to have the opportunity to renovate Ellerton Hall for ‘her’ next chapter in the long history of this beautiful country house.

The thoughtful renovation brings the house up to the modern demands of a home, whilst respecting the history and character.